Fan Favorites: Best Ice Cream Shops in Wisconsin

As the Dairy State, Wisconsin knows a thing or two about ice cream and custard. From the hand-scooped variety to soft serve, fro-yo and sorbet (oh my!), there are sweet fixes to be found all over the state. We recently asked our Facebook community to share their favorite places for a creamy treat. Here are some of their melt-worthy picks.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard Stand – Milwaukee

  • It's got to be Kopp's! Having moved from Milwaukee to Southern California 30 years ago, we truly missed their rich, creamy, fresh, homemade CUSTARD! Nothing else compares! We have now retired and moved back to Wisconsin and made sure we are within three miles of a Kopp’s! It's great to be back! - Maggie G.

LeDuc’s Frozen Custard – Wales

  • They have a sundae that is made like a cream puff, I get it made with chocolate custard instead of vanilla! – Sandy R.
  • I haven't been there in years, but my dad used to take me there for ice cream all the time when I was a kid! – Amanda R.

Babcock Hall Dairy Store and Plant – Madison

  • My dad would treat us kids to an ice cream cone after we helped feed the sheep in the [UW-Madison] campus sheep barn where he was running some nutrition studies for his master's research project. – Lorry E.
  • They used to make the best yogurt, too. – Darlene H.

Belt’s Soft Serve – Stevens Point

  • Homemade peanut butter cups, brownies and cookie dough make their awesome ice cream even better. – Lisa A.

Olson's Ice Cream Parlor and Deli – Chippewa Falls

  • Lots of history and deliciousness. Plus it's the perfect place to round out a beautiful day after visiting Irvine Park/zoo and taking a tour of the Leinenkugel Brewery! – Melissa S.

Want to weigh in? Leave your top picks as a comment below!

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