Let’s Get Weird

Looking for a place where you can let your hair down, be yourself or anyone else you want to be? Somewhere to grab a beer, get a scare or have music cascading through your ears while you bite into that perfect slice of ‘za? A place that’s scandalous, provocative or just plain strange perhaps? Well, welcome to Wisconsin: let’s get weird.

Holler House - Milwaukee

Milwaukee has seen a party or two in its day, but none exactly like those at Holler House. Home to a century-old bowling alley, a historic tavern and a reputation for unending fun, Holler House is a rowdy neighborhood bar with no shortage of good times. A beacon of party-flavored controversy, the raucous Wisconsin watering hole additionally has a long-standing tradition where ladies hang their bras from chandeliers during their first visit.   

Top Secret - Wisconsin Dells

Another bizarre and infamous relic of the Vegas of the Midwest, Wisconsin Dells’ Top Secret building can simply be described as upside down version of the White House. Part historic trip, part haunted house, Top Secret is perfect for fear-chasing kids, laugh-ready adults and those looking for a “highly classified experience.” Go beyond Top Secret’s mysterious exterior, take a tour and discover the thrills of one of the Dell’s most unique destinations!

Organ Piper Pizza - Greenfield

If you’re looking for something less mysterious and more delicious, go to Greenfield. Since 1976, Organ Piper Pizza has been cheering up the Milwaukee area with its unique mix of entertainment and eats, pairing continuous live organ music and mouth-watering pizza. An old-time treasure, O.P.P. relentlessly puts forth a whimsical vintage atmosphere in an era where music and food are often processed and consumed to meet undersized attention spans. A one-of-a-kind human-centric establishment, Organ Piper Pizza is undoubtedly weird, and its creative spirit and tuneful vibe are definitely worth checking out.

Museum of Historic Torture Devices - Wisconsin Dells

Those looking to escape comfort and happiness can head to the Wisconsin Dells and the Museum of Historic Torture Devices. Exploring the “darkest chapters of human history,” this chilling institution showcases the most wicked and brutal devices known to man, displaying the torture equipment of past cultures and more recent serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy. Educational and possibly nightmare-inducing, this Wisconsin museum is disturbingly weird and a must-see place for fans of the ghastly, the grisly and the gruesome.