Wisconsin 360: Winter Getaway in Lake Geneva

By Jonathan Eckelberg

The Lake Geneva area isn’t just an excellent summertime destination; there’s so much to do even in winter! Get out and about to enjoy the kind of excitement only a winter wonderland like this can bring.

Delavan Lake Ice Boating

Who says boating is for the summer? Ice boat races are a must-see around the Lake Geneva and Delavan area. Reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, this slender craft is sure to impress. With drivers, or ‘sailors’, situated close to the ice, much like a Formula 1 or Indy race car, the wind resistance is minimal, making acceleration soar off the charts. Settle in by a fire pit or enclosed restaurant patio to keep warm and watch the sweat freeze to these racers’ faces as they face the seduction of speed.

Kites Fly at Lake Lawn Resort

Delevan will come alive with exciting airborne performances for this year’s Sky Circus on Ice event. Free to attend, the event offers unique winter fun with some of the greatest kite performers in the world. This is an impressive show you won’t want to miss. More than 400 kites will take to the skies in synchronized motion. Between performances, experts provide attendees with flying instructions and tips on how best to harness winter winds with their own kites on the frozen lake.

U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition

Lake Geneva is home to the country’s only national snow sculpting competition, and has been hosted here for more than 20 years. This high-intensity, artful competition showcases the best snow sculpting teams from across the country including those from Vermont, New York, Colorado and Alaska in addition to the Midwest states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The artists work tirelessly for three days, often straight through the night, creating magnificent, larger-than-life masterpieces.

Dine at Baker House 1885

Immerse yourself in Gilded Age living with a dining experience in the furnished parlors of Baker House 1885. Guests are served on the first floor of the mansion in plush wing-backed chairs and overstuffed, fireside couches. Feel a part of this historic era by selecting a beautiful vintage hat to wear from the collection hanging in the halls. Baker House serves up regional small plate favorites like the Wisconsin artisan cheese board and seasonal fondues. Enjoy a cocktail as you admire the stunning architecture and elegant surroundings.

Ice Bar Custom Cocktails

Baker House transforms their lakefront garden to a wonderland of snow featuring the Fire & Ice Lounge, Wisconsin’s first ever ice bar. Cozy up at sunset as ‘ice angels’ appear to serve fireside drinks in cups made entirely of ice – bet you haven’t tried that before! Seek out the signature snow-cones topped with flavor-infused SKYY vodkas, or even a hot toddy. Custom-carved by Guinness Book record holder and international award-winning artist, Max Zuleta, the 10-foot chilly, work of genius offers stunning views of Lake Geneva and is open on weekends through February (or until Mother Nature decides otherwise).


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