Five Spots to Get Fresh Wisconsin Sweet Corn

By Sam Kislia
Staff Writer

Summer is finally here, which means Wisconsin’s famous sweet corn is in season! Nothing compares to a fresh ear of corn from one of Wisconsin’s many fresh produce stands.

Stoneman’s Famous Sweet Corn - Fitchburg

William and Muriel Stoneman began selling sweet corn on their Fitchburg farm in 1963. Fifty years later, their grandchildren continue to run this Wisconsin sweet corn institution. Each morning, the Stonemans pick their famous bicolor sweet corn by hand from their ten acre farm. The distinct honey and pearl coloring gives the corn a super sweet flavor that has kept loyal customers coming back for more than five decades. With hearts as sweet as their corn, the Stonemans donate all unsold corn to local food pantries.

Sully’s Produce - Sturgeon Bay

Sully’s in Sturgeon Bay has always excelled in both convenience and quality. With their 24-hour, self-serve stand, visitors can pick up delicious produce at any time. For the 2014 season, Sully’s is expanding with a second produce stand in addition to selling sweet corn and other produce at three different farmer’s markets. Having been in the sweet corn business for over 30 years, Sully’s remains a Door County favorite for their consistently fresh and delicious sweet corn.

Prellwitz Produce - Ripon

Starting as a strawberry patch in 1993, Prellwitz Produce has expanded to include a full range of fruits and vegetables, including sweet corn. Their sweet corn is picked young so that each kernel is tender and juicy; you won’t even need a toothpick when you’re done! By using sustainable farming practices, the folks at Prellwitz ensure some of the best and safest produce offered. Prellwitz is always expanding with additional crops, so be sure to check back to find out what’s new!

Sweet Corn Lady and Daughters - Delavan/Elkhorn

The Sweet Corn Lady of Delavan has established a reputation for being as sweet as her corn during her 50 years in business. With the help of her daughters and grandchildren, the family continues to provide top notch produce and customer service at their two locations in Delavan and Elkhorn. You can even be sure you’re getting the best produce thanks to their famous “try before you buy” motto!

Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival - Sun Prairie

Wisconsinites don’t just love eating sweet corn, they love to celebrate it too! The Sweet Corn Festival in Sun Prairie attracts over 100,000 visitors each year. Seventy-five tons of sweet corn is eaten over the course of the four day event which includes a parade, live music and children’s games. This sweet corn festival provides fun for the whole family and enough corn to feed an entire city!

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