A Beginner's Guide to Kayak Fishing

Wisconsin has some of the best fishing in the country. With more lakes than Minnesota and access to two Great Lakes, one of the most exciting ways to take advantage of the area is kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing has many advantages that shore, and boat fishing don’t offer. Kayaking allows you to get to areas that you may not be able to reach by boat or from the shore. Kayaking also gets you close to the fish without much noise to scare them off before you can even cast. It also is a great way to get exercise while doing what you love, fishing.

Tips for How to Kayak Fish:

  • Get a kayak. They make special kayaks for fishing, but you can always retrofit one you may already have or have access too. Be sure to add some storage for all the gear you’ll need. Also add a visibility flag and a light to your yak so it’s easier for other vessels to spot you.
  • Bring plenty of water, sunscreen (even when it’s overcast), a first aid kit, and sunglasses.
  • Find a spot you want to check out. Look at maps near you to see what areas you’d like to explore. Apps like Fishidy give contour details and catch information along with other useful tips when it comes to getting outside and catching fish. You can download Fishidy for your phone for free here.
  • Watch the weather. Even the slightest of waves can make kayaking much harder and more dangerous. You do not want to be on the water when a thunderstorm rolls in.
  • Wear a PFD. It’s a lot easier to flip a kayak when you’re rushing to reel in a fish.  Not only could it save your life, but many have pockets that are great for storing gear for easy access.
  • Want pictures? Mount a camera. Think taking a picture by yourself with your catch on shore is hard, try taking that same shot while balancing in a kayak.

Kayak fishing can take some time to master, so try to not get frustrated if the first few times you try it you end up in the water. Once you do get it down, though, you’ll have access to some of the most beautiful and hidden patches of water in Wisconsin.

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