Milwaukee Goes Native American

No event allows you to experience the passion and culture of the American Indian people quite like a Pow Wow. Drums pound, feet stomp and bright colors swirl in a vibrant pageant of music and celebration; a lively and uplifting combination of traditional dancing, singing, and storytelling.

Nowhere will you find a better Pow Wow than at Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee. This is the largest Native American festival in the United States. It brings together members of many American Indian tribes to renew old friendships and create new ones, to share and preserve the centuries-old traditions of their respective tribes.

In the heart of the Midwest, Wisconsin is a fitting location for this annual celebration of Native American culture. We are the home of eleven tribes, the largest number of tribes east of the Mississippi River. The reservations of these eleven sovereign nations occupy more than one-half million acres of Wisconsin’s most beautiful and unique landscapes.

These tribes host Indian Summer Festival. In addition to its spectacular competition Pow Wow, Indian Summer is also known for its American Indian music, food, art and crafts. You can take in a torch-lit canoe procession and see terrific fireworks, tribal village re-creations, cultural demonstrations, storytellers, lacrosse tournaments, American Indian traditional and contemporary entertainers, a sprawling Indian marketplace, and a fiddle and jig contest.

Traditional Indian skills are demonstrated including beadwork, finger weaving, bow and arrow making, pottery, carving, basket weaving and more. Plus, you can learn about traditional healing methods and herbal medicines in the “Natural Path Area.”

When you come to the festival, bring your appetite; the food is fantastic. Try frybread, the traditional Native American flatbread, which you can top with anything from seasoned beef to powdered sugar and honey. Sample the succulent taste of buffalo and venison. Or stick to more conventional dishes like Indian tacos, wild rice casserole, turkey, roasted corn and more.

Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee – good food, entertainment, spectacle and fun!

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