Let Wisconsin Rock Your World

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we got – Wisconsin is the obvious choice for a better, “boulder” more brew-filled vacation. You might like your fun shaken or stirred, but we in Wisconsin like our fun on the rocks. Get out of your sedimentary lifestyle and let these great attractions rock your world.

Rocks for FunTigerton

Located in tiny Tigerton, this one-of-a-kind café is home to a rock art collection that the owner has valued at almost $3 million. This spunky place has over 500 pieces of original rock art, but unfortunately for all you rock-enthusiasts none of the collection is for sale.

Rock Island State ParkWashington Island

Accessible only by ferry, this adventurous destination is for extreme travelers ready to be rocked by the raw power of nature. Stripped of many modern necessities but home to a storied lighthouse, marvelous stone buildings and gorgeous natural panoramas, Rock Island is dripping in mystery and excitement!

Rocky Arbor State ParkWisconsin Dells

Located right outside the Wisconsin Dells, Rocky Arbor is the perfect stop for a traveler looking to pair high-octane fun with natural exploration. After a day at one of the Dells’ excellent waterparks, swing by Rocky Arbor, hike through its sandstone bluffs and enjoy its well-equipped campsites!

Castle Rock County Park at Castle Rock Lake – Friendship

Home to beaches, campsites and a county park, this fantastic lake is the fourth largest in Wisconsin and ripe with fish, fresh water and fun! Come take a dip, cast a reel and spend some quality time at one of Wisconsin’s coolest spots. It’s nothing to take for granite!

House on the RockSpring Green

The pinnacle rock of this great state is that which holds our most magical Wisconsin home and attraction. Visit The House on the Rock to see the world’s largest carousel, as well as countless other marvelous collections, innovative architecture and stunning breaktaking vistas.

Rock in the HouseFountain City

Looking to stop at an exciting roadside attraction? Check out The Rock in the House! This unique sight was deemed an “object of special attention” by the Fountain City Council, as a 55 ton boulder is firmly set in the house that it rolled into in 1995.

Rock Bottom BreweryMilwaukee

If you’re in Milwaukee and looking for an ice cold beer and amazingly succulent food, check out Rock Bottom Brewery. Located right on the Riverwalk, this brewery is in the perfect spot to stop for a handcrafted beer or a cocktail, on the rocks of course.

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