Five Hot Wisconsin Spots to Visit After Midnight

Everyone enjoys routine evenings at their favorite bar or restaurant, but it’s always exciting to venture out of your comfort zone with old friends in order to meet new. These places offer a unique variety of exciting alternatives to your routine and will have you dancing, singing, or even riding a mechanical bull by the time your night is through. So put on your party pants, and head to one of these Wisconsin originals.

High Noon SaloonMadison

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a rock star? Well High Noon Saloon offers you the chance every Tuesday with their Rockstar Gomeroke! Join their live band The Gomers onstage and sing your heart out to a crowd of rowdy fans. If you’re too shy to hit the stage, choose your favorite song and convince a friend to sing for you. They offer an added bonus of one free drink for every brave singer!

Red Rock SaloonMilwaukee

If you and your friends are out in downtown Milwaukee and in need of a filling, rich meal, the Red Rock Saloon is the perfect spot to bring and continue your party. Although it is their monster burgers, signature wings, and authentic regional BBQ that led them to being featured on the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food Nation,” it is their music and mechanical bull that brings the party each evening.

Safe HouseMilwaukee

If you’re working your way around the nightlife of Milwaukee, you may hear whispers of a mysterious restaurant bar with a covert passageway. The Safe House has been described as a miniature House on the Rock, but with a spy twist. Locals and tourists alike are fascinated by the hidden doors and secret password that allows you access. Don’t miss this hidden attraction and discover it for yourself one night as you stroll through the streets of Milwaukee!

Ivory Room Piano BarMadison

The Ivory Room Piano Bar in Madison pleases all company, every visit. With its amazing staff of friendly bartenders and impressive musicians, this venue attracts all crowds and company and takes any song request!

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