First Date Restaurants: A Man's Perspective

By Paul Smirl

You’ve just met someone nice and have asked her/him on a date. After fumbling awkwardly with your hands and almost completely forgetting to write down their phone number, you’ve arranged to meet for dinner. With little time to plan and knowing even less about your new acquaintance, you have to survey your options to select a restaurant that will treat you both to a great night! Here is a wide range of some of the best first date restaurants in Wisconsin:

The Brat StopKenosha

I know what you’re thinking: brats on a first date? Unless you’re taking Bernie Brewer out, this might not sound like a good idea. Perhaps, but anything that lauds itself as “World Famous” and “Legendary” is a sure-fire date destination in my book. If you’re looking for simple, tasty food and on-site entertainment such as live music and volleyball, the Brat Stop might be the place for you. Instead of talking about current events you know nothing about in an over-priced and dimly lit bistro, go all in with this kitschy Wisconsin gem.

Wild Tomato PizzaFish Creek

If you’re worried about your date’s dining tastes, think back to the golden rule: everyone loves pizza. Pizza, an old “Italian” favorite can be presented in a smattering of shapes and sizes, with infinite options for crusts, toppings and amounts of cheese. For this first date option, we look to class pizza up while keeping the community in mind. Wild Tomato is perfect for those looking to pair deliciousness with local values, as this wood-fired establishment keeps sustainability and affordability at the top of its menu.

Café MannaBrookfield

Oops! You just remembered that your potentially special someone was a vegetarian—or was it vegan? Cross brats and pizza off your list and head to Brookfield for a “Fresh, Yummy, Organic and Good For You” date. The first 100% vegetarian restaurant in southeastern Wisconsin, Café Manna displays a fruitful array of smart and scrumptious dishes that will treat vegetarians and just plain food-lovers to a good time.

Water Street BreweryMilwaukee

Wait what is that you say—beers brewed on site and an extensive gluten-free menu? The best of both worlds! If you’re looking for a bustling urban restaurant with award- winning tastes and unsure if your date is more of the wheat-free or wheat ale type, Water Street Brewery will cater the night of your dreams. Take a tour, have a drink and eat whatever way you want!

Kopp’s Frozen CustardGlendale

No matter how your evening goes, nothing takes the first date edge off better than some Wisconsin custard. So what if you forgot the name of the Secretary of State or egregiously quoted you favorite 90s movies the whole time? Whether you’re going out again, the best nightcap will be a double scoop of your choice at one of the state’s fine custard stands. Kopp’s is one not to miss!

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