Cabin Fever: Reality Or Myth?

Cabin Fever (noun): A claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in a small space, with nothing to do for an extended period.

Does it exist? We think so, and apparently so does the TV show MythBusters. The good news - it’s relatively simple to beat cabin fever in Wisconsin. After you wake to a blizzard’s fall, take an excursion outdoors to warm your soul with a bowl of soup, cup of cocoa, or a hot bourbon cider. Then once the snow plows work their magic, wind your way to the warm bleachers of a basketball game, or discover a space to expose your pale skin at an indoor water park! Check out this list of alternatives to the itch of cabin fever and discover elation as you join other adventurers out in the wonderland of winter activities.

Pickerman’s Soup and SandwichesLa Crosse

From bisques to beef barley, Pickerman’s of La Crosse is the perfect spot to battle the creeping cold of winter and satisfy your cravings for their rich, cream-based concoctions or flu fighting broths. Their large selection of sandwiches is the perfect accompaniment to any classic stew. Whether you choose chicken noodle, chili, or clam chowder, you will experience the warmth of winter in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Admirals HockeyMilwaukee and UW AthleticsMadison

Weather this year’s winter by getting tickets to one of these Wisconsin sporting events! Now is your chance to cheer on the Milwaukee Admirals Hockey team as they spin across the ice for the win. After you check cheering on the Admirals off of your to-do list, head to Madison for a women’s basketball game. Cheering on their dynamic squad will get your blood pumping and help fight the lull of cabin fever.

Country Springs Hotel, Waterpark & Conference CenterPewaukee

Not only is the Country Springs Hotel an outstanding place to hold a conference with 187 guestrooms and 20 meeting rooms, but it is also home to a “splashtacular” water park! The winter months make it difficult to feel the warmth of water and the soul-satisfying splash of jumping into a pool, so the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee offers the perfect solution for your need of ablutions. Stop in at the Wildflowers Restaurant and Copper’s Pub afterwards to grab a snack and unwind.

Al Ringling TheatreBaraboo

Getting out of the house doesn’t have to mean immersing yourself into the cold of winter. At the Al Ringling Theatre in Baraboo you can enjoy the warm atmosphere, cozy chairs, and fantastic entertainment without having to feel the bite of the winter wind. Submerging yourself into a show or performance is the perfect way to fight the looming call of cabin fever.

Brat StopKenosha

In Wisconsin, there is no other soul-feeding food that satisfies like a classic Wisconsin bratwurst. If you want to go where the wurst comes first, check out the Brat Stop of Kenosha. Sink your teeth into the steaming, savory goodness of their Cajun, garlic, veal, cheddar, jalapeno, or traditional bratwurst. Nothing fights the chill of winter like sparking those latent tastebuds!

Boulders Climbing GymMadison

Don’t let the cold turn you into a couch potato! Head on over to Boulders Climbing Gym in order to check out their 8000 square feet of sculpture climbing walls with countless varied and creative angles. Beginners to seasoned climbers are sure to find the routes fun! Try something new or practice your favorite sport and take your new climbing skills outdoors once the seasons change.

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