Haunted Houses, Ghost Tours and Kid Friendly Fun

Does autumn have you in the spooky spirit? Well, Wisconsin is chock full of haunted happenings this time of year. We know that some folks are looking for fun, family-friendly fair while others want something that’ll scare their socks off, so we’ve broken this year’s sights and frights into a few categories for your reading enjoyment:


Night at the Museum, “The Great Movie Heist” – Waukesha, WI

Exhibits come to life! Follow characters through the museum while you film a classic silent movie and help to stop a villain. Along the way, see experiments from Wily Wizard, take dance lessons from Charlie Chaplin, and acting lessons from the Lunts.


Madison Ghost Walks – Madison, WI

Discover the haunted history of the state’s capital city on a 90-minute ghost walk. The local folklore, reports of the paranormal, and legendary ghost stories will give you goosebumps. But you won’t just hear stories – you’ll meet spooky ghosts, monsters and colorful characters for yourself!

Dells Ghost Tour– Wisconsin Dells, WI

After a day at the waterparks, embark on a bus tour and learn about the Wisconsin Dells’ eerie past. This ride is all about history and “real” ghosts – not actors, make-up or masks.

Berlin Tannery Paranormal Tours– Berlin, WI

Search for ghostly activity alongside a professional ghost hunter inside a tannery built in the 1800’s. Capture paranormal events or even spend the night – if you dare!


Mars Haunted House– Milwaukee, WI

This is a truly haunted house, with a history that will give you goosebumps. Add in some modern monsters and you’ll wish you could forget this terrifying experience!

Jaycees Haunted House– Onalaska, WI

Can you make it through the “Shed of the Dead”? Head down Green Coulee Road, past the shadowy silos and withered garden and when you hear the screams and shouts you’ll know you’ve found the place.

Dreadwood Haunted Forest– Hudson, WI

Walk away from the safety of the suburbs and city lights and step deep into the pitch-black woods. There’s no escape route from Dreadwood. The only way out is through.

Happy haunting, everyone!