Relaxation 101: Spa Getaways in Wisconsin

Winter isn't easy. Cold and flu bugs are biting, driveways and walks need shoveling and workplace commutes take place in the dark.

Luckily, Wisconsin offers a variety of ways to help travelers deal with the stress of the season. If you're planning, or even thinking about, a spa treatment soon, here’s a sampling of the state's signature treatments from the mouths of regular visitors and front-line spa experts. Warning: may induce heightened relaxation.

Curing a Cold Never Felt so Good

A trip to Sundara Spa in the Wisconsin Dells will not only leave you utterly relaxed, it can actually help cure the common cold. Wisconsin's only ayurvedic spa, the Sundara starts you off with the Purifying Bath Ritual, a self-guided treatment designed to cleanse the skin and clear the mind. The five-step ritual is an included extra for all Sundara guests, who wholeheartedly rave about the treatment's ability to put you in a supremely relaxed state-of-mind.

Next, enjoy the refining, exfoliating and nourishing benefits to your skin of the Sandstone Polish. The scrubbing treatment comes highly recommended by Sundara staff as a seasonal relief to help alleviate sinus congestion.

And don't miss the Champissage. This luxurious head massage begins with deep kneading of the neck and shoulder muscles. Then, in a series of unique strokes, the head and scalp are massaged and hair follicles stimulated. The finishing touch is a manipulation of acupressure points in the head, ears and face to relieve sinus pressure and headaches.

Water Works

Bathing becomes more than just a soak in a tub when it comes to the company that brings us Kohler bath fixtures. At the Koher Waters Spa at the American Club in Kohler, spa-goers will notice that water is the star attraction in many treatments while bathing services feature state-of-the-art Kohler products.

The Acoustic Bath is a unique blend of music and sound vibration for a treatment that's both invigorating and relaxing. A body exfoliation and Kohler Custom Vichy hydro-massage complete the service.

The Complete Harmony Treatment is a soothing bath following a full-body hydrotherapy exfoliation in a custom Kohler Vichy shower. Body and facial moisturizing in the Stillness room cap off this treatment.

Be Well. Feel Well. Spa Well.

The Well Spa at Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel and the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva strive to provide guests with a feeling of well being, syncing mind and body and not iPhones. Treatments range from the 30-minute “Good to Go” massage to a 90-minute “Relax Me” full body massage.

Himalayan salt lamps are found in every treatment room, a signature touch of The Well Spa. Himalayan salt emits negative ions into the environment that help neutralize the harmful effects of positive ions that are released by modern-day electronics like televisions and computers. A Himalayan salt whirlpool bath offers a unique oceanic experience that will leave you renewed and refreshed.

An exclusive and all encompassing private spa experience, the Aspira Spa Salon at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, offers its clients a comfortable living area that includes several first class amenities.

The Lomi Lomi Massage, a traditional Hawaiian "loving hands" massage, ranks among the spa's most popular treatments. Percussive and dance-like movements with smooth strokes combine with the use of Jasmine oil to help induce a total state of relaxation and aroma-therapeutic benefits.

Another popular treatment, the Crystal Chakra Balancing Massage, balances the body's seven main chakra vibrations and complements the body's energy flow using the vibration from seven pure colored lights and delicate, smooth strokes along the body's meridians.

The Violet Clay Envelopment is a spa favorite for guests looking to hydrate and moisten the skin through the healing powers of Aspira's vibrant clay.

A Labyrinth of Treatments

One of the newest destination spas in Wisconsin, Evensong Spa, opened in the popular resort town of Green Lake in late 2006. In appearance, Evensong is simultaneously sleek, modern, and organic. Natural elements like wood, bamboo and stone combine with expansive views of the surrounding landscape (where white-tailed deer are often spotted in the winter) to create a sense that the spa simply grew out of the earth itself.

Ponder that thought and others in the spa's signature Labyrinth, a meditation room designed to offer guests a contemplative moment - or several - before enjoying their selection of deluxe treatments.