How to Become a Pokémon Go Master in Wisconsin

By Derrick Zimmerman
Staff Writer/PokéMaster

The game that is taking the country by storm has sent millions of people outdoors exploring new places on a quest to be the very best, like no one ever was. But as every hopeful PokéMaster travels across Wisconsin searching far and wide, they’ll need to stop and get some nourishment.

Here are some suggestions on places to search for Pokémon, and then a spot to grab a bite to eat afterward.

Remember, PokéMasters should always be respectful of the people and property around them. Be safe, and have fun exploring Wisconsin!


Our state’s capital city is bustling with Pokémon, and the University of Wisconsin is full of trainers striving for glory. Memorial Union is right next to Lake Mendota and provides an opportunity to catch some water-type Pokémon. You can grab a bite to eat at the Brat Stand while relaxin’ all cool on the iconic sunburst Terrace chairs, but don’t try to steal Growlithe’s chair!

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La Crosse

It’s no secret Pokémon love to hide out in grassy areas, so of course La Crosse’s Riverside Park is a great spot to battle every day to claim your rightful place. When you’re done catching that Tauros roaming the park, take a stroll down to Buzzard Billy’s for some Cajun-style cuisine. It’s about a half-mile walk, so start hatching some of those eggs.

Green Bay

What would a quest to be the very best be without a trip to Titletown itself? Lambeau Field has been home to some of the most legendary football players of all-time, so it’s the perfect place to search for a legendary Pokémon! Head down Mike McCarthy Way and taste some Wisconsin flavors at Green Bay Distillery to stay energized, because nobody wants to be too drowsy while training Pokémon.


You shouldn’t be surprised to learn the most populated city in Wisconsin is also heavily populated with Pokémon. You may be surprised to learn they’re just as excited for the Wisconsin State Fair (August 3-13, 2017) as we are! While you’re walking around indulging in a deep-fried Snickers, you can also try to catch a Pikachu, and of course you’ll have no problem finding a Jigglypuff hanging out by the Cream Puff Pavilion!

Insider tip: Running low on PokéBalls? Take a ride down the Giant Slide, which conveniently doubles as a PokéStop!


It’s your destiny. Explore Wisconsin, and catch ‘em all!

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