Plan a Motorcycle Trip in Wisconsin

By Brenton Martell

With Milwaukee being the birthplace of Harley-Davidson Inc., it should come as no surprise that Wisconsin makes the perfect travel destination for motorcyclists. Lined with roads and dotted with hotels that facilitate long, scenic trips, and marked by one-of-a-kind attractions like the Harley-Davidson Museum and The Iron Horse Hotel, expect dynamic motorcycle experiences both on and off the bike when you visit Wisconsin.

Motorcycle Events in Wisconsin

Residents and visitors to the state alike can take full advantage of the state's warm seasons, when dozens of motorcycle events are packed into a span of several months. From bike shows to charity rides and beyond, you can be sure to find events catering to motorcycle enthusiasts in all corners of the state.

Rustic Roads Awards Program

Introduced in 1973, the state of Wisconsin features a program called Rustic Roads, which consists of a collection of roads throughout the state given a special designation for their scenic beauty and for being very lightly traveled. The state also offers an awards program for motorcyclists who travel at least ten of these roads: those who complete the challenge earn a Wisconsin Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour patch, and those who travel 25 of the roads earn a special certificate. With 117 roads spanning hundreds of miles and more than 80% of the state's counties, there's no shortage of trips to choose from. You can order a Rustic Roads guide through Travel Wisconsin at (800) 432-8747.

Motorcycle Friendly Accommodations

Best Western designates many of its locations as “Rider Friendly,” and motorcyclists can find dozens of these sites throughout the state. Offering wash stations and wipe-down towels, the hotel also offers a Ride Rewards program, giving extra benefits to Harley riders who make repeat visits, and making Best Western the perfect choice for riders interested in stretching Rustic Roads rides over multiple days. And no matter which direction you plan to travel, use Harley-Davidson's trip-planning to find rider-friendly locations nearby.

Did We Mention Milwaukee?

With interactive, hands-on exhibits and galleries full of models past and present, the Harley-Davidson museum presents a seemingly endless history of the development of the bikes themselves, as well as the culture that has grown with them.

For ultimate convenience, plan a stay at The Iron Horse Hotel when you come to visit. Self-described as the only boutique hotel in the country that caters specifically to motorcyclists, and conveniently located just blocks the Harley-Davidson Museum, this richly yet rustically designed hotel offers amenities like covered parking and optional packed saddle-bag lunches to take on the go.

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