The Wright Way: The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail App

Frank Lloyd Wright Trail takes you on an architectural tour of nine buildings spanning nine counties in Wright’s home state. Start in Kenosha County and make your way west to Richland County as you see some of Wright’s greatest works, from private houses to public buildings.  

Make the most of your self-guided getaway with the new Frank Lloyd Wright Trail app, complete with an interactive map and trip planner tool.

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The trail map lets you zoom in to see descriptions of each site, including photos and a brief history. If you’re interested in exploring the surrounding area or just want to hop off the trail to grab a bite to eat, the location-based app tells you where you are in relation to the trail so you can easily find your way back to the motor route.  

Still in the early planning stages? Use the trip planner to create a timeline of your soon-to-be journey. Find the quickest route from one site to the next, see a suggested order of the trail sites or schedule a tour at one of the nine buildings directly from the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail app – the app will develop your trip based on when you were able to schedule a tour.

Round out your trip with these Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes in Wisconsin or find even more inspiration along the trail.

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