Photos: Baby Giraffe at Milwaukee County Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo - Milwaukee

There’s nothing quite like the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from baby animals. Prepare yourselves, animal lovers, because the Milwaukee County Zoo just got a whole lot cuter! On the morning of September 16, 2015, a healthy reticulated giraffe was welcomed into the world by first-time parents Ziggy and Bahatika, marking the zoo’s first giraffe birth since 2003.

Baby Giraffe

Weighing in at 157 pounds, the calf is already nearing six feet tall. That may sound tall for a newborn, but this little guy could grow to more than three times that size!

Baby Giraffe

The mother, Ziggy, has been taking great care of her newborn with a little help from the zookeepers along the way. Although giraffes aren’t critically endangered, the wild population has been on the decline, which makes this calf a most welcome addition to the Milwaukee County Zoo family.

The calf's name is "Tafari," from African origin meaning "he who inspires awe."

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