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  • Celebrate 50 Years of Summerfest!

    Last Updated: 5/22/2017

    Every year, Summerfest delivers one of the biggest celebrations of music, food, and fun you can find across the Midwest - and this year, they’re going all out. 2017 marks Summerfest’s 50th anniversary, and the party is about to get bigger than ever.

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  • Top-Notch Wisconsin Music Festivals

    Last Updated: 5/19/2017

    There are more options than ever when planning a trip to a Wisconsin summer music festival. Make the most of your festival experience with these top tips!

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  • The Wright Way: The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail App

    Last Updated: 5/12/2017

    Celebrate all things Frank Lloyd Wright with a road trip through southern Wisconsin. Established in 2016, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail takes you on an architectural tour of nine buildings spanning nine counties in Wright’s home state. Start in Kenosha County and make your way west to Richland County as you see some of Wright’s greatest works, from private houses to public buildings.

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  • Your Next Wisconsin Tradition: 7 Events You’ll Come Back To

    Last Updated: 5/16/2017

    We all have those special traditions that tie some of the meaning in our lives back to a sense of place. Start your next family tradition at one of these Wisconsin events and festivals.

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  • Hidden Gems at Wisconsin County Fairs

    Last Updated: 4/28/2017

    County Fairs in Wisconsin are a highlight of the summer, and there’s something iconic about each fair to keep visitors coming back year after year. Here are a few of the best hidden gems at Wisconsin’s County Fairs.

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  • Must-See Spots for the Ultimate Packers Fan

    Last Updated: 4/27/2017

    Green Bay is a city with a true love – the Packers – and everywhere you turn, Packers pride is on display. If you’re looking to experience all things green and gold, check out these stops around Green Bay.

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  • Just Roll With It: Experience Logrolling in Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 4/5/2017

    Wisconsin has experienced a cultural resurgence in its passion for the sport of logrolling. So whether you’d like to cheer on some Lumber Jacks and Jills or learn the art of log rolling yourself, this state is the place to be.

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  • Six Wisconsin Sports Bars to Visit on Game Day

    Last Updated: 5/15/2017

    As one might expect in a state where church services get moved to accommodate the Packers schedule and pre-game tailgate parties are considered an art form, Wisconsin boasts some of the largest and liveliest sports bars in the country.

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  • 3 Wisconsin Winter Sports That Are Downright Fun

    Last Updated: 2/9/2017

    If there is one state that takes frosty winter weather and turns it into something fun, it would be Wisconsin.

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  • Spins on Wisconsin's Classic Old Fashioned

    Last Updated: 2/9/2017

    While it may be hard to steer yourself away from the original recipe, these new takes on Wisconsin’s favorite mixed drink are worth a try.

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