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  • Diving for Great Lakes Shipwrecks

    Last Updated: 5/13/2014

    This isn't your average "trail". Through websites, interpretive signage, public presentations and shipwreck moorings, the Wisconsin Maritime Trail encourages divers, snorkelers, boaters and other adventure- and history-minded residents and tourists to explore these amazing resources and treasures.

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  • A Waterfront Weekend at Sheboygan’s Blue Harbor Resort

    Last Updated: 7/6/2016

    Sheboygan’s Blue Harbor Resort has something most waterparks don’t. Actually, two things: real shorelines on Lake Michigan and the Sheboygan River.

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  • Roadside Attractions: Wisconsin's Top Road Trip Stops

    Last Updated: 7/6/2016

    From a 12-foot mouse to the center of the world, call them tacky or call them kitsch, but these surprises along Wisconsin roadways make getting there a lot more fun.

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  • Hands-On Exploration for Kids at Wisconsin's Discovery World

    Last Updated: 7/6/2016

    Discovery World lets visitors explore the vessels that once ruled the Great Lakes, take a close look at the creatures that call that water home and learn about the practical wonders of man-made creativity.

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  • Summer Resorts in Northern Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 6/10/2016

    Ah...summer up north. Pine scent hangs in the fresh air, the woods beckon and diamond light dances across clear, deep lakes where fish are plentiful. These delightful lodgings make great Northern Wisconsin vacation bases.

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  • Travel Green: An Eco-Vacation to Wisconsin Dells

    Last Updated: 6/1/2015

    Take an eco-tourism getaway to Wisconsin Dells instead of jetting to a tropical eco-resort. Cutting your travel emissions by not flying or driving far is a good start but it turns out there’s a lot more to going green in the Dells.

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  • City Trails Offer Smooth Rides, Unexpected Scenery

    Last Updated: 3/29/2016

    Urban bike trails generally traverse a given city's most scenic areas - lakeshores, riverfronts, parks, green spaces - and they often include sites of historical, cultural and commercial interest. They're also extremely family-friendly.

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  • Spring Beauties: 10 Wildflower Walks That Will Wow You

    Last Updated: 4/18/2017

    A maple woods carpeted with trout-lily, the tangy smell of fresh earth, the rustling of earthworms slowly tilling the soil; a marsh-marigold standing out against the melting snow; a Jack-in-the-pulpit thrusting up through the earth, alone near a chocolate

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  • Wausau’s Woodson Museum: Not Just for the Birds

    Last Updated: 7/28/2016

    The Woodson is probably best known for its annual Birds in Art exhibit, held from September through early November. The show draws about 1,000 entries a year from artists around the world.

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  • Cycling Amish Coulee Country

    Last Updated: 6/10/2016

    Vernon County is home to some of the most beautiful farms in Wisconsin. They are the fruits of the labor of Wisconsin’s Old Order Amish and cycling through the “coulee region” is like going back in time.

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