Wisconsin Adventure Trips

Surveying the remains of a submerged vessel deep below murky waters. Dangling from the edge of a cliff, grasping for a rock to hold on to. These aren’t scenes from the latest summer blockbuster, they’re the latest additions to your summer itinerary! Believe it or not, Wisconsin is a haven for adventure sports. From ziplines to skydiving, Wisconsin will have your heart pounding.

Explore shipwrecks and other archaeological sites on one of Wisconsin’s Maritime Trails. The sites, marked by buoys, can be found throughout Lake Superior and Michigan as well as in Green Bay and Door County. Snorkel or dive deep below and discover an underwater world filled with history and maybe even treasure!

If you prefer dry land, the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee offers three-hour to full-day courses in rock climbing. Learn how to scale a mountain by mastering the arts of rappelling and top rope anchoring. Keep the fun going with a guided naturalist hike. Learn about birds, wildflowers, the history of the area and more.

Add a little action to your summer! Check out the adventures Wisconsin has to offer.

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