Fall Spots For Birds To Flock

Stacy Tornio is the editor of Birds & Blooms magazine based in Greendale, Wisconsin.

Fall is officially in the air! And while changing leaves and pumpkins tend to steal the show, you shouldn’t overlook the magic and wonder of migration season.

Birds are on the move throughout Wisconsin, which means it’s a great time to head outside. Here are my top tips for enjoying the birds in your area this fall!

  • Check out your local nature center. Think of “nature center” as a general term. You might find that a wildlife refuge, state forest, Audubon center or even a botanical garden has great birding activities as well. The staffs at these organizations are usually very knowledgeable, so give them a call. Even if they don’t have birding activities coming up themselves, they might know who does.
  • Feed them! It’s a great time to attract new visitors to your yard. Take a look at what type of food will attract certain birds here.
  • Do an online search. If you do a search on Travel Wisconsin for “birding,” you’ll get more than 500 results. Spend a little time sorting through these. You’ll probably discover a place you never knew about to find birds.
  • Take a trip. Wisconsin has some pretty amazing places to see wildlife. Some of the highlights include Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay and the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Mayville. Make this the year you take a day trip to one of these (or many other great locations) in the state.
  • Plant something for the birds. No, it’s not too late for gardening. Until the ground freezes, you can still plant perennials, trees and shrubs. Check out this list of great trees and shrubs with berries. Birds will love ‘em, and most will do well even in northern parts of the state.

Stacy Tornio is the editor of Birds & Blooms magazine based in Greendale, Wisconsin.

Northern cardinal photo courtesy of Roland Jordahl. Stacy Tornio photo courtesy of Birds & Blooms magazine.

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