Wisconsin Bird Watching

Chirp, chirp! Birders in Wisconsin rejoice each spring when favorites like the loon, red-winged blackbird and sandhill crane return for the season. With so many spectacular birding locations around the state, welcome back our feathered friends at one of these prime locations:

Wyalusing State Park

As one of Wisconsin’s oldest parks, a main attraction for birders are the many Indian burial mounds found throughout the park. Waterfowl, woodpeckers and colorful songbirds frequent this area.

Ice Age Trail

This thousand-mile footpath of this historic trail was formed by the state’s last glacier thousands of years ago. Lucky for us, it has been groomed into a beautiful scenic trail, perfect for glimpses of spring’s favorite birds.

Nelson Dewey State Park

Warblers, vireos and songbirds are a staple at this park each spring. Make sure to grab the park’s birding checklist, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. While you’re there, take a walk through Wisconsin’s first governor’s estate named “Stonefield.”

Take place in a bird watching bonanza this month - you won’t be disappointed! You’ll find more birding hotspots on TravelWisconsin.com. To the skies!

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