It's Running, but with Different Shoes

Endurance, stamina, strength…and some really funky shoes! Yes, we’re talking about snowshoeing in Wisconsin. Don’t let this bulky footwear fool you, snowshoers mean business, and it just so happens you’ll have the chance to see the best in the country, right here in Wisconsin.

Snowshoers racing to finish the National Championships!

The 2011 United States Snow Shoe Association National Championships will make its Wisconsin debut in Cable on March 11–13. National championships. Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. Held at Lakewoods Resort, the event, now in its 11th year, includes three championship competitions along with events open to the public, as well as music, food, a raffle and a nighttime relay race. Open events include the Hot Air for Hearts Races and Kids Kilo for children.

The weekend features a 5K Junior Boys and Girls National Championship for those under the age of 20, and the 10K Senior Women’s National Championship and the 10K Senior Men’s National Championship for participants ages 20 and older. Oh, and don’t be surprised to see competitors with face paint and “costumes” on.  Yes, it’s competitive but it’s also fun.

Feeling inspired? There are plenty of snowshoeing trails all over the state. (Just enjoy before the snow is gone.) Have a favorite trail of your own? Spread the Wisconsin love and leave a comment below.

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