Preview: Wisconsin Hosts the 39th Annual American Birkebeiner

If you haven’t heard of the American Birkebeiner, also known as the “Birkie,” you’re missing out on North America’s largest cross-country ski marathon.

Next month from February 23-25 in Hayward, Wisconsin, 8,000 skiers will come from all over to participate in the Birkie. Ambitious professionals and avid enthusiasts alike will try their luck at the 50K and 54K marathon races, or the faster and shorter Kortelopet 23K race.

Not into racing? Don’t worry! Birkie Week is filled with other events for non-skiers and amateur enthusiasts alike to enjoy. Check out some cross-country skiers with great canine friends as they race in a skijoring 5K. Test out some equipment at the various demos going on during the week. Get out in nature and slap on some snowshoes for the Family Snowshoe Nature Hike. Whatever you’re into, the Birkie has events designed for everyone.

Maybe it’s your first year and you’re not sure if you’re ready for the heavy competition that comes with The Birkie. Get your feet wet (or should we say cold?) with the 3rd annual BirkieTour, held on January 21. It’s perfect for people who have never raced the Birkie before, or are just not interested in racing but love to ski. If you’re planning on racing, it also serves as a great training day for the real deal.

For more information on the Birkie, check out our blog post from last year or visit the official Birkie website.

See you on the trail!

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