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Dick Chudnow

Dick Chudnow is the creator, owner and a part-time performer of the ComedySportz.

I know this blog is supposed to be about my favorite place to go to, or things to do in Wisconsin, but I've never stayed on topic in my life, so why start now?

I think people who live in Wisconsin need to understand what a fantastic place they live in (oops, a no-no, preposition at the end of a sentence). Let me rephrase that: I think people who live in Wisconsin need to understand what a fantastic place they live in, aina?

Being old and decrepit now, I can say that I have been to some wonderful places in the ol' US of A, and have seen amazing cities and counties on the ol' planet earth, but I now realize that I never had to go anywhere -- it's all right here in the good ol' W of I.

Scenery? There's no place in the world that can beat it for beauty. Every season has its own awe-inspiring scenes. Fun? Who has the largest water park in the ol' U of Verse? Wisconsin.

Sports? There are the Brewers, Packers, Badgers, Bucks, ComedySportz. What? ComedySportz you ask? Yes, it's a sport! ComedySportz is a unique venue to entertain your friends and family from out of town, where they are probably deprived of an all-ages comedy venue. I'm not knocking stand up comedy, but you can't bring your sister or mom to a place that might embarrass them. ComedySportz is always hysterical, always unique and always affordable.

I've lived in L.A., and I've been to theaters in New York City. Broadway is good, but in my opinion, not better than our Next Act Theatre. In Los Angeles, the small theaters will bring in a washed up TV star who can't act, but the audience wants to see. Out there people will say, "I saw a play featuring the guy who was the caretaker on "One Day at a Time.” Milwaukee and Door County also have some of the finest theaters and art in the country. Renaissance Theaterworks in particular is another great spot locally.

Truth is, I don't have to fly anywhere to see truly fine theater. I believe we have more good theater per capita than anywhere in the world.

I've taken up too much of your time already, so I'm not even going to talk about Milwaukee’s park system, which is A-MAZE-ZING! Truly.

So if you're thinking about taking off to see the world, because that's what people are "supposed to do," I'd check out what Wisconsin has to offer first. You just might save a chunk o' money, not sit in an airport for hours, and have a much, much better time.

See you around.
Dick Chudnow

Dick Chudnow is a longtime Wisconsin resident and creator, owner and a part-time performer of the ComedySportz franchise (22 clubs throughout the U.S., England and Germany). Dick, along with Hollywood comedy icons Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker also founded Kentucky Fried Theater, an improve show originating in Madison, WI and later produced in Los Angeles. Dick also went on to be a contributing writer on such comedy classics as, “Airplane,” and “Spy Hard,” as well as act in various other films and television productions.

ComedySportz is the longest-running show in Milwaukee history. Based near downtown in the Walker’s Point area, it’s professional improv built around a competitive format. While it’s not about sports, it’s played as a sport with two teams, a referee and of course, audience participation. There are also banquet rooms for private parties for up to 150 guests. There’s free parking, a full bar and restaurant, and tickets range in price from $8 - $12. It’s perfect entertainment for anyone aged 5 – 105. (If you are over 105, they don’t recommend the show.)

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