David Zucker Puts His Comedic Stamp On Wisconsin Commercial

Dave Fantle

Dave Fantle is the Deputy Secretary of Wisconsin Tourism

I’ve been on the job for almost a year, and they finally asked me to author a blog. First, thanks to the dozens of bloggers who have come before me, and those who will come after.

I want to bring you on the set of our 2012 winter TV commercial shoot. Wisconsin is all about fun, so who better then to bring his slapstick brand of mirth than Milwaukee native and “Master of Mirth,” David Zucker. David has had his n­­ame attached as producer, writer and director of some the most successful comedies of the past 30 years, “Airplane,” the “Naked Gun” series, “Ruthless People” and the last two installments of “Scary Movie.”

The commercial was shot at Milwaukee’s historic Riverside Theatre. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but give David the renowned Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the perennial song “Winter Wonderland” and a little snow, and imagine the comedic possibilities. The commercial begins airing January 11, 2012, but you can also watch it on TravelWisconsin.com!

David was daft on directing the Orchestra and actors, including audience members, through a series of sight gags and comedy shtick. I observed the creative juices flowing during the entire 12-hour shoot and I now consider David to be a new friend. It was an honor to work with him and throughout our two days together I never called him Shirley!

Dave Fantle is the Deputy Secretary of Wisconsin Tourism.

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