Fish Hatcheries

In an effort to protect and enhance the plant and wildlife of Wisconsin, fish hatchery facilities are established to preserve the fish life cycle. Children get to see the fish up close and everyone can learn the proper techniques to ensure Wisconsin’s rich fishing tradition.

Did you know the Muskie is Wisconsin’s state fish? That’s right! More muskies are produced at the Governor Tommy G Thompson State Fish Hatchery in Spooner than anywhere in the world. The facility is home to over 46 ponds of with more than 100,000 muskie fingerlings!

With 17 open-air ponds and 6 raceways, the Genoa National Fish Hatchery rears 23 species of fish including trout, northern pike and walleye. The station also focuses on the recovery of threatened and endangered aquatic species such as the Higgins Eye pearly mussel. A diverse hatchery with plenty of resources, you’ll encounter both warm and cold-water aquatic species all over the 67 acres of rearing ponds.

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