A Relaxing Fall Weekend in Elkhart Lake

Hi guys, welcome back. It was nice to have the time off during the bye week. I know that my teammates valued the days to let their bodies rest and recover from a physically challenging first nine games. Unfortunately, I was given the news during the break that I would ultimately be best served by undergoing season-ending surgery on my shoulder. After getting opinions from both the athletic training staff and our team doctors, we agreed that it would be difficult to get me all the way back to full strength with the shoulder this season, thus I was placed on injured reserve. Although it’s going to be really tough for me not to play the rest of the season, I am excited to see the team continue to grow and push for a deep playoff run.

That aside, the bye week is a nice time to relax and regroup before starting the second half of the season.  Typically, it is a time for the players to take a quick trip to relax or go home to see family. You might find this hard to believe but many NFL players enjoy going to the spa for rest and recuperation and that list includes me. You may chuckle at the thought of me -- a little bit of a burly man -- getting a facial, but that is exactly what I did this past weekend and it was amazing. We have lived in Green Bay for 11 years and have gone to the Kohler area many times, but stumbled upon a hidden treasure in the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake over the bye.

We were invited to the Osthoff Resort for a complimentary stay to enjoy the Aspira Spa but found ourselves enjoying the other amenities as well. The hotel suites include balconies and ours had a view of the lake.  Due to the unseasonably warm weather we were able to enjoy the sunset over the lake from our balcony. We also found time to take a few walks to enjoy the last moments of a warm fall weekend around town.

We started our trip with an amazing dinner at Lola’s on the Lake located just below our hotel room.  Not only was the food great and well presented, but the service was second to none.  Breakfast the following morning was also incredible and I would recommend the fresh baked berry pancake to anyone in the area.

My wife and I finished the evening with a couples massage in a private suite complete with a fireplace and whirlpool tub. What a relaxing way to end an evening. We returned the following day to enjoy some of the additional services including pedicures and facials. In preparation for our treatments we were able to enjoy the meditation sanctuary, whirlpool room, and sauna, and if my shoulder felt better I would have jumped into the yoga class. Another service I will have to come back to try is the Balneotherapy Bath in a Chromatub, which is an intense detox treatment not found in many spas. They also have a specialized slimming treatment in the tub, which piqued my interest.

All in all, the stay was incredible and the staff was outstanding. We could not have enjoyed our stay any more than we did. Hopefully we will get back in the summer to check out Road America at Elkhart Lake, but it sounds like my wife and mother-in-law are already thinking of heading back down to check out the Old World Christmas Market in early December.

Well, that will do it for this week’s entry. Hopefully some of you will have time to make it to the Elkhart Lake area. Next week, I’ll share a few stories from the Tauscher family’s Thanksgiving get-togethers. Until next time, wish us luck as we try to sweep our division rivals, the Minnesota Vikings.

Signature: Mark Tauscher

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