Mark Tauscher’s Recap to a Season of Blogging

Wow, this year has gone by fast. It seems like just yesterday it was training camp and I was being presented with the opportunity to do a blog for Travel Wisconsin. Here we are 17 weeks later and my run as a blogger is nearing an end. But before I wrap up what has been a tremendous experience for my wife and I with this blog, I want to briefly hit on one other thing.

I’d like to extend congratulations to all of my teammates who were named to the Pro Bowl last week. My old counterpart Chad Clifton, Nick Collins, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson all had great seasons and were very deserving of being voted into the Pro Bowl. We have other Packers who earned alternate status and should be on the team too, but let’s be honest, we don’t want ANY of those guys playing in the Pro Bowl because our goal is to be in the Super Bowl the following week!

But now back to what I am really here to do and that is to put a bow on the blog for this season. I want to thank everyone who has read these blogs throughout the year and especially those who have been interactive with feedback and destination suggestions of their own. I’ve said it time and again, Packers fans are the greatest in the world and it has been such a thrill for me to be a part of your world for 11 years. I have done a number of things during my career that have brought me up close and personal with the fans, and this experience was no different. You guys are always so passionate and supportive, and when it came to listing travel destinations in Wisconsin, the response was no different.

I would also like to thank the people at and my lovely wife, Sarah, for her commitment and input on a few of the blogs throughout the season.

It has been a real pleasure sharing my experiences and I hope you enjoyed the ride throughout the season. I appreciated all of the nice words of encouragement you guys shared when I suffered my injury and was ultimately placed on injured reserve. Between my injury and the birth of our first child, this has been an interesting year on a lot of fronts, and you guys have been with me for all of it.

All in all, the feedback from my blogs has been extremely positive and the comments have opened my eyes to places we hadn’t even thought about. Hopefully some of the things I have posted have done the same for you.

Reflecting on a few of these comments from the season, I thought Denise’s Blog comment on Thursday, Nov. 18, was interesting. First, she is correct in her statement that the more you travel Wisconsin, the more you realize how much there is to see and do. I think that is so true and fortunately for me, having been a native and lived here my entire life, I have covered a lot of ground and experienced that.

Even as recently as Tuesday of this week, I got a response to last week’s entry about the Wisconsin Dells. A reader named Tammy shared her favorite spot in the area, one I haven’t visited yet, the House on the Rock in Spring Green. I have heard about it but always had a difficult time picturing a house being built on a rock, and even more so, hanging out over the Blue River.

Like I’ve said, this has been a big eye-opener for me. I’ve hosted my own television show and appeared on numerous radio and television programs, but I had never written anything resembling a blog. One of the best parts about a blog, is that it lends itself to so much freedom. It’s a blank canvas that you can fill with your ideas and thoughts; there are no boundaries. I remember laughing when I realized I had written some 1,500 words about golf courses. You can’t do that in the newspaper or other print publications where space is limited. A lot of credit for that leeway goes to the people at Travel Wisconsin who handed me this thing and essentially allowed me to make it my own. Hopefully they’ve been satisfied with the product, because I know this has been a satisfying endeavor for me.

I hope you all enjoyed the game Sunday, and root us on against the Philadelphia Eagles. I wish you happiness and health in this upcoming New Year. Thanks, and Go Pack!

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