Finding Heritage at Old World Wisconsin

Neil Hoffman

One of my most memorable and surprising trips was to Old World Wisconsin. Having spent a decade amid the history of Boston and celebrating America’s Bicentennial there, I eagerly sought to experience the ethnic and historic roots of my new home state. You can imagine the power of the heritage I found as this most impressive and largest outdoor rural museum in the country. At the time it was rebuilding from the tornado that struck in June 2010. The tenacity of that effort clearly matched that of the many peoples I learned about. Visitors of all ages can truly connect to the ongoing spirit and creativity of America’s Heartland at Old World Wisconsin.

Neil Hoffman has been president of Wisconsin's only independent, non-profit four-year college of art and design since 2007. Before leading MIAD, Hoffman served as president of Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A nationwide expert in the accreditation processes for institutions of higher learning, he is also a lifelong advocate of the arts and community arts education. Hoffman is a member of the Greater Milwaukee Committee's Quality of Life Committee and served as co-chair of the Creative Coalition Planning Task Force that led to the development of Creative Alliance Milwaukee - connecting commerce to creatives.

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