Fun Wisconsin Historical Sites

We like to think of Wisconsin as fun. Lively. Exciting. Anything but boring. So, of course, Wisconsin history should be shared in a way that’s entertaining and engaging, too. Forget reading textbooks and watching outdated documentaries. History can — and should — be fun! If you’re looking to travel off the beaten path and learn a few things in the process, visit some of these exhibits, museums and landmarks.

Circus World's Winter Exhibit — Baraboo
Set on the original winter quarters of the Ringling Bros. Circus, this Wisconsin historical site is fun for all ages. Known to locals as “Ringlingville,” it has the largest group of original circus structures in North America. The winter exhibit runs though March 1, 2013, and features the world’s largest collection of parade wagons, circus posters and a giant screen cinema. Open Monday-Friday, except holidays.

Frank Lloyd Wright B1 House — Milwaukee
Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most famous American architects who ever lived. Come see one of his most well known homes, the Model B1. Located on Burnham Street in Milwaukee, the house was built in 1916 and cost only $3,000 (the restoration budget was much higher — $411,000). Tours are available on the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 1-4 p.m.

National Mustard Museum — Middleton
If you’re doubting the merit of this historical site, just consider this — it has the world’s largest collection of mustard, more than 5,000 varieties! Plus, you can sample hundreds of them at the tasting bar. Try and buy typical varieties and the downright wacky like chocolate, blue cheese, cranberry, tequila and wasabi.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Birthplace — Pepin
The “Little House on the Prairie” books are one of the most popular children series today. Laura’s story begins in Wisconsin – Pepin to be exact (where you can even visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, open May-November). Her cabin, however, is open year-round. It’s a reconstruction of the “Little House in the Big Woods,” built on land owned by Charles and Caroline Ingalls.

History in Wisconsin doesn’t end here. Check out our heritage page for more fun destinations.

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