Milwaukee Sports Memories with Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson is a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.

Hey everyone, it’s great to be back talking with all of you. This month I wanted to share a couple of my Wisconsin sports experiences. Obviously, I have plenty of great memories to share from Sundays in Green Bay - but I’ve been fortunate to enjoy other Wisconsin sporting traditions during my time here.

Living here you cannot help but cheer for other Wisconsin teams. It’s fun when everyone else is winning, especially the Brewers and Bucks. Living in Wisconsin has become like a little fraternity. Some of the athletes will come up to our Green Bay games and we go down to theirs. Meeting and spending time with the other guys makes it fun.

I’ll never forget my first Bucks game because I went with my father-in-law and brother. We got down to Milwaukee early and went to eat at Carnevor, which is a really nice steakhouse downtown with a great atmosphere. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a nice steak and good company. After dinner, I made sure we got to the Bradley Center nice and early for the game against the Atlanta Hawks so that we could see the players warming up. I feel like you can learn a lot about guys by watching how they practice. We had great seats right on the court, which was cool to be a fan instead of a player right on the sidelines. 

I was also able to attend a Milwaukee Admirals game with my teammates James Jones and Desmond Bishop after we won the Super Bowl. We met with fans prior to the game and they then brought us out on the ice to drop the puck. All games look fast up close but hockey is unreal in person - not to mention the players are huge AND they’re on skates. Besides enjoying the game, the highlight was the Human Hockey Puck…they asked me to do it but James volunteered and I wasn’t going to stand in his way. He sat on a saucer and they used a huge slingshot to shoot him all the way down the rink into inflatable bowling pins. I can’t remember exactly how many he knocked down but he looked hilarious flying across the ice.

Overall, I think Milwaukee can be a nice, quick getaway for my teammates and me to experience different attractions, restaurants and sporting events. We are really lucky to have another town nearby where we can see so many great games. I’m hoping to make it to another Bucks game this fall so I can check out their new team and court. While my teammates and I are extremely busy this time of year, it’s always great to see different parts of this great state and to meet all of YOU during our free time. Thanks for reading my blog, talk soon!

Jordy Nelson is a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers. You can be a fan of his on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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