Skijoring: Dog Sledding on Skis

Most people don’t classify “by dog” as a standard means of travel. But when you mix in fresh white snow and skis, you’ve got yourself a Wisconsin winter sport.

Skijoring is a blend of cross-country skiing and dog sledding that’s gaining popularity in Wisconsin. The term “skijoring” comes for the Norwegian word for “ski driving”. The sport is comparable to water skiing, and not necessarily recommended for beginners to the skiing world. You can, however take classes at Two Moons in Springstead (715-583-9999) or Becoming an Outdoors Woman in Tomahawk (715-346-4681).

The best trails for skijoring are The Bridal Mountain bike trails of Lapham Peak State Park near Waukesha, Minocqua Winter Park, and Justin Trails B&B Resort in Sparta. Races are also held locally in Merrill, Medford and Land O’ Lakes.

Still not sold? Read this first hand account by Laura Kearney of her experience with the sport. Let us know what you think!

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