Wisconsin Snow Conditions Report

Winter is here. And while in some states that means grabbing a blanket and heading indoors, Wisconsinites are a proud, outdoorsy lot. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain, we’ve seen it and survived it all. As of matter of fact, we enjoy it!

Yes, fresh powdery snow is like white gold in Wisconsin. With over 30 ski and snowboard resorts sprinkled throughout the state, it’s no wonder why. For the relaxed outdoorsman(or woman), glide over beautifully groomed cross country trails; for the adrenaline junkie, zoom down wicked hills and show off your skills on jumps, rails and boxes.…there’s a winter sport for everyone! Just grab your snowboard, skis or sled and come out and play!

Skiers enjoying a beautiful cross country trail.

Before you go, sign up for Travel Wisconsin’s Snow Conditions Report. Get the skinny on snowfall across the state and know exactly where to go for the best winter sports. It’s updated continuously to ensure you know miss a flake, trail, hill or jump.

Be your own reporter. If you have any pictures of snow falls in your area, post ‘em to our Facebook page, we’d love to see ‘em!

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