A Sneak Peak into Lambeau Field

           Mark Tauscher

Born in Marshfield, Mark Tauscher is a well-traveled Wisconsin native. He started his career playing for UW- Madison as a right tackle and in 2000 was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. The rest is history.

Born in Marshfield, Mark Tauscher is a well-traveled Wisconsin native. He started his career playing for UW- Madison as a right tackle and in 2000 was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. The rest is history.

Welcome back, everybody. Well, we made it through our bye week with incredible momentum. We won three straight games and capped it off with a 45-7 blowout of the Dallas Cowboys. Now we've had a week off to rest our bodies, we can get ready for the stretch run. We've had our share of injuries, but we still have everything we need to get to where we ultimately want to go and these next seven games are going to be interesting. I can tell you there were a lot of positive vibes in our locker room following that win against the Cowboys.

Speaking of our locker room, that is the focus of my entry this week as I pull back the curtain and provide you with an inside look at our fabulous football facilities here at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. I think we have an advantage over every other team in the league because the focus is so football-centric, and we as players are provided with all of the resources to compete and win. Coach McCarthy often reminds us that there are no excuses why we shouldn't be competing for championships every year.


Green Bay Packers Locker Room


With regards to the facility, the first group of people I need to thank are the residents of Brown County. Since the $295 million referendum was approved in 2000, the improvements to Lambeau Field have been beyond what I could have ever imagined. I was drafted by the Packers in 2000, and have seen firsthand how Lambeau Field and its many attractions have become one of the most attractive destinations in the National Football League. One thing I think is really special is that our fans and football enthusiasts around the world have the chance to enjoy these facilities year-round. At 1265 Lombardi Avenue, the doors are almost always open. There are eateries in the atrium, the Packers Pro Shop, the award-winning Packers Hall of Fame and Stadium Tours that are open just about every single day of the year.

Our strength and conditioning coordinator Mark Lovat (NFL’s best in my opinion) worked extensively with an outside consultant to re-design our nutrition program and provide us with a series of options from which to choose. We have a great number of choices every day and regardless of what you enjoy eating, there is something for everyone. To give you an idea of what we have to choose from during lunch, try to imagine a fresh salad bar, almost all the fresh fruit you can think of, two different vegetables choices, proteins like chicken, beef, pork, and seafood, carbohydrate choices like potatoes or pasta, and also a smoothie bar.

Another theme of note is how the organization has done a great job of recognizing our great history and tradition throughout the stadium, especially in a common sitting area between team dining and the hallway to the locker room. On the walls are murals of each decade in Packers history, starting with the 1920s up until the 90s. The Super Bowl trophies are also on display so when we walk in from the parking lot each morning, we are reminded why we’re all here. Another Super Bowl trophy is what we’re all after.

Green Bay Packers Weight Room

Along the hallway that leads to the weight room, athletic training room, and locker room, the walls are dressed with mountings of each of the franchise's 21 Pro Football Hall of Famers and the ceiling contains banners commemorating the team's 12 World Championships. As I said, the Packers don't miss any steps when it comes to celebrating tradition.

An area that has seen a lot of traffic this year has been the athletic training room. Fortunately the guys we have staffing that area are some of the best in the world and they do a tremendous job with the players. Included in athletic training is the cold tub, hot tub, and SwimEx pool – which has jets that allow you to swim in place and is particularly great for rehabbing. Our head trainer, Pepper Burruss, and his staff have an immense amount of responsibility keeping the entire team healthy and ready for Sunday. On game day, I am amazed at how fast and efficiently the athletic training staff can tape each player. I have had both ankles and wrists taped in five minutes, which is hard to comprehend considering the amount of tape that is used.

Lambeau Field Locker Room

Finally, our locker room. Shaped like a football, with an open middle and no blind spots, I have to believe ours is the most spacious locker room in the NFL. Anytime I am at my locker, I can see each player at theirs, and I think that develops a team-first, collective atmosphere. The most attractive feature of the Packers locker room is the giant G logo that nearly covers the entire floor. You know it's almost game time when our equipment manager, Red Batty yells, "EVERYBODY UP ON THE G!" in pregame before we bring it up to pray and get our final words of encouragement from Coach McCarthy.

I am proud to have witnessed and been a part of the renovation and remodeling of this great facility we call Lambeau Field. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to work at every day. Hopefully we can return the favor to the great people of Wisconsin by delivering them a fourth Lombardi trophy. By now you can mentally visualize the football facilities that the players and coaches use on a daily basis. Until next time, enjoy the last few warm days of November and Go Pack Go!

Signature: Mark Tauscher

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