Lawn Chess: Wisconsin and the Game of Kubb

You probably know that Wisconsin is home to Titletown, USA, but did you know we’re also home to the Kubb Capital of North America? Every year, Eau Claire hosts the US National Kubb Championship, which attracts players from all over the country. If you’re not sure what Kubb (pronounced ‘Koob’) is or how it’s played, here’s a quick lesson:

A Little History:

Nothing like a little friendly disagreement! It’s unknown if the game is of French or Scandinavian origin, but legend has it, ancient Vikings used to play the game after conquering villages, using the skulls and femurs of their victims as game pieces. Thankfully, wooden blocks are used in this backyard game today.

How to Play:

Think lawn darts, meets chess, meets bocce ball. Sort of. Kubb is a lawn game played with wooden blocks and stakes. The aim of the game is to knock over the king, but not too early in the game. The stakes are placed in the ground so that a rectangle is formed, and each side places five kubbs in between the stakes on opposing base lines. Each team attempts to knock over the other team’s kubbs with six batons, thrown underhand, with an element of stealing involved. After one side has knocked over all of the opponent’s kubbs, they can attempt to knock over the King to win the game.

Where to Watch:

Trust us, Kubb is a lot easier than it may sound and is a game the whole family can enjoy. If you’re a beginner, you can buy or make a set and try for yourself. Are you an experienced player or prefer spectator sports? Check out these upcoming tournaments in Eau Claire! While you’re in town, check out the biking trails that run along the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers for breathtaking views come summer.

Be sure to mark your calendars and as always, let us know if you go!

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