Bald Eagle Watching Days

Nature in Wisconsin is exciting all year round, and the beginning of the new year is a great time to see the majestic bald eagle. We’re lucky enough to be able to see these amazing birds right in our backyard, so take the opportunity and attend these events before the season is over:

Cassville – January 28-29 Stop by Riverside Park’s outdoor observation deck to get a view of these noble birds. Every year, 100-250 bald eagles spend their winters in Cassville, right on the border of Wisconsin and Iowa. If you’d like to learn more about the bald eagles, educational programs are available at Cassvile High School.

Prairie du Chien – February 25 Travel 30 miles north from Cassville to find Prairie du Chien’s Bald Eagle Appreciation Day. Birding experts will be on hand to answer any of your questions and bird watchers will be guided to locations during the course of the day outfitted with spotting scopes. There will also be raptor programs and a life-size Bald Eagle nest for friends of the feathered to enjoy.

Ferryville – March 3 Come to Bald Eagle Watching Day in Ferryville and see them soar over Lake Winneshiek on the Mississippi River. See live eagles and raptors up close in a program hosted by the University of MN Raptor Center. There will also be a student eagle art exhibit with awards, and refreshments will be provided.

For year-round birding, read our article that’s truly for the birds. What are your favorite places to spot bald eagles? Fill us in by commenting below.

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