Green Means Go: Eco- Friendly Travel in Wisconsin

The only thing better than exploring the natural beauty of Wisconsin, is doing so without leaving a gigantic carbon footprint.

Travel Wisconsin’s Travel Green program encourages environmentally safe traveling efforts by reducing waste, encouraging recycling, aiding in wildlife and water conservation, and efficient energy use, among other things. You don’t have to “give-up” to go green, simply patronize the many Wisconsin establishments that are Travel Green certified. You might just be surprised to see that some of your favorites made the list!

Beyond patronizing certified stops, below are a few simple, green travel tips to start you off on the right foot, courtesy of MSNBC:

  • When hiking or biking, always stay on marked trails.
  • Light campfires only in established fire rings and be sure they're completely extinguished before you leave.
  • Whenever possible, use public transportation instead of a taxis or rental cars. Better yet, walk or bike!
  • If you do plan to take a long road trip, consider renting a fuel-efficient economy car. You'll save gas and avoid putting miles on your own vehicle.
  • During your stay, reuse sheets and towels instead of having them changed every day. Many hotels will not replace your towels if you leave them hanging up neatly, but to be safe you can always write a note for the housekeeping staff or notify the front desk.

Hopefully by now you’re feeling inspired! Start planning your next green vacation today. Visit our website to view upcoming events, browse travel lists, read up on featured destinations and, of course, see our full directory of Travel Green venues.

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