Mark Tauscher’s Best of Milwaukee

Hello everyone.  Last week’s game was a hard fought contest in a playoff-type atmosphere, and unfortunately we came up on the short end.  Atlanta has a very fundamentally sound team, and they just made a few more plays than we did.  As I always say about the NFL, when you have a great win such as the game against Minnesota or a tough loss like Atlanta, you have to move forward and get ready for the next one.  That is what our plan is and just for extra fun, we get to do so in some awesome throwback uniforms which should add to the excitement at Lambeau Field against San Francisco on Sunday.

A few weeks ago, I shared some of the great professional sports experiences I’ve had the opportunity to partake in down in Milwaukee. This week, I wanted to return to our state’s largest city and talk about some of my favorite restaurants and bars.

I love going to Milwaukee with my friends and family because there is always so much to do, so much variety. I can think of many times where I have gone to Milwaukee with Sarah and some of our friends and we’ll have dinner at Umami Moto or Carnevor Steakhouse before going to see a show or concert. It is a great preamble to an evening out in the Brew City.

The variety of restaurants and types of cuisines is truly unbelievable. Milwaukee has it all, from Mexican to Italian, and even oyster bars. Umami Moto is one of my personal favorites, known for its Asian cuisine and terrific modern layout. My personal favorites on their menu are the kobe sliders and white tiger roll because they give you a little Asian and American cuisine in one setting.

If I am in the mood for a steak I have always felt like Carnevor Steakhouse is among the best. The selection of beef choices is outstanding and they have everything from Kobe filets to ribeyes to New York Strips, and in the event you aren’t a steak fan, they have a number of fish and chicken options that are equally well-prepared. They also feature a wide array of signature cocktails and more than 350 wines in their cellar.  Dessert tip: My wife would recommend the doughnuts to finish the meal.  Unfortunately for John Kuhn and myself, we have had to pick up the tab a few times because of our inability to beat Korey Hall and Aaron Rodgers in cribbage.  After three years of playing cribbage during training camp, three checks have needed to be picked up.  In full disclosure, I feel John is the weak link on our team and I’m sure Korey and Aaron would agree with me.

A few other restaurants I enjoy are Sobelman’s for their famous hamburgers, Buca di Beppo for their Italian food and family atmosphere, and Ristorante Bartolotta for their unique seasonal menu and ambiance. One restaurant that you may not know about in Milwaukee and one that I feel is an especially hidden gem is Barnacle Bud’s, a place that has developed a cult following for their excellent outdoor oyster bar and fantastic Bloody Mary concoctions.

While it may take you some time to narrow down a restaurant because there are so many options to choose from, keep in mind there are also a great number of entertainment attractions in the city as well. We have attended several performing arts shows and plays (like the world-famous “Wicked”, for example), comedy shows at the Bradley Center and Comedy Sportz club, live music events at venues like The Rave and also month-long festivals like Summerfest. The list could go on and on. There are so many exciting events to attend that it is at times overwhelming, but that can be a great thing when you’re active and looking to experience new things.  We have seen The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Barenaked Ladies all in Milwaukee.  We also try to make it to the Milwaukee Art Museum at least once a year to enjoy the amazing architecture and impressive exhibits.

The major events are always enjoyable to attend, but there are a series of festivals that are just as much fun. German Fest and the Harley-Davidson Festival are two of my favorites.  While I only ride Treks, it was still pretty sweet going to the Harley-Davidson Festival during their 105th anniversary.  Because of the company’s rich history, I was able to see a number of different bikes from as far back as 50 years ago that people still ride.

During the summer months, I try and make a point to attend the Wisconsin State Fair. Besides seeing the younger kids participate in the agriculture and animal shows, the Wisconsin State Fair Park opens its doors to the Pettit National Ice Center, Wisconsin Exposition Center, and The Milwaukee Mile to all those in attendance. I remember when I was younger and my mother and father would take me to the fair and we’d spend an entire day walking around looking at all of the exhibits and going on all of the rides. To me, it always seemed like one day was never enough, a kid would have to be at the fair for at least a week to take in all of the events, rides and shows.

Well, that will do it for this week’s entry, hopefully some of you will have time to make it down to Milwaukee to take part in the many options the city has to offer. Until next week…

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