Traveling Green and Shopping in Wisconsin

Traveling Green can mean a lot of things. For some it means exploring the great outdoors. To others it means enjoying locally grown food.  It also means financially supporting Travel Green Wisconsin-certified retail businesses – in other words, shopping!

Check out the following Travel Green Wisconsin boutiques. These cool shops are a combination of eclectic and earthy.

In Fish Creek, don’t miss EcoDoor. This home furnishings and accessories store offers an array of earth-friendly tableware, kitchenware, furniture, bedding and bath products. EcoDoor purchases its items from companies that produce products using sustainable, organic, renewable and recycled materials. What’s more, most items are hand made by local artists.

You'll find more eco-friendly home goods at daiseye in Princeton. This marketplace offers one-of-a-kind decor and clothing, with many items handcrafted from reclaimed materials or organically grown fibers.

Head to Franklin Grove Etc. LLC in Albany for shopping and sustenance. Franklin Grove offers a casual dining experience with foods made from locally sourced ingredients, not to mention fresh herbs straight from the garden.

Since the restaurant and store are located in a mid-1800s blacksmith shop, it only makes sense that they would offer seriously cool antiques and items made by local artisans and craftsmen.

For more Travel Green Wisconsin ideas, check out our Travel Green page!

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