Weird and Wacky Wisconsin Museums

A visit to one of the many museums in Wisconsin is a great cold day activity. And while you can’t go wrong with stops like the Milwaukee Public Museum, or the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, there’s no shortage of places where you can learn a little and have a lot of fun.

Spinning Top Yo-Yo Museum -- Burlington

Put a new spin on the typical museum. Tinker with tops, conduct your own experiments or watch a performance from the top tops experts. More than 2,000 tops, yo-yos and gyroscopes are on display in this hands-on playground including the world’s smallest toy tops!


Potosi Brewery & National Brewery Museum - Potosi

The Wisconsin-based Potosi Brewery Company survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, Prohibition, and a devastating fire. Today the complex is home to the National Brewery Museum, showcasing a stellar collection of beer bottles and cans, glasses, trays, coasters, advertising materials and other brewing artifacts. Wet your whistle afterwards at the Potosi Brewery restaurant and enjoy a fine selection of locally brewed beers.


Fennimore Doll & Toy Museum - Fennimore

From animated film collectibles made by a Pixar animator to custom styled Barbies, browse over 80 cases of toys dating back to the late 1800s! The collection even includes film characters such as Star Wars collectibles and old Fisher Price pull toys.


World of Accordions Museum - Superior

Housed in a former church, this Wisconsin museum has the most complete collection of accordions in the world sorted by chronology, county-of-origin, type and brand name. See how this instrument contributed to America's melting pot of musical culture.


Rollo Jamison Museum - Platteville

Wisconsin native, Rollo Jamison started collecting as a child. In 1981 he donated his collection to the city of Platteville where it now stands.  His museum includes exhibits of businesses, home and family life and local history. You can see life-size carriages, quilts and the ever-popular boxing squirrels.

Come back in May for a guided tour of the Mining Museum housed on the same grounds. The tour includes a walk down into the 1845 Bevans Lead Mine, a tour of the hoist house and an above ground train ride pulled by a 1931 mine locomotive.

Intrigued yet? Browse our full directory of Wisconsin museums, or check out this list for a few more recommendations.

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