Wisconsin: Putting the “FUN” in Tax ReFUNd

The bad news: Your tax returns are due by tomorrow. So if you haven’t filed those yet, you should probably stop reading this blog.

The good news: There's a good chance you'll end up getting some of it back, and there are plenty of places in Wisconsin to spend that green!

Small-town shopping: Instead of flocking to the shopping mall, opt for a smaller more unique experience. A walk down Mineral Point's Main Street evokes a stroll through a Cornish village. You’ll find artisans and craftsmen of all types making for a vibrant shopping environment that includes galleries and working studios as well as antique and specialty shops. Spooner is another small town with big shopping. Business owners are friendly and proud of their Northwoods location. Browse for fiber arts, reading materials, and even sporting goods.

Fine Dining: There’s nothing quite like spoiling yourself with a delicious dinner out. Located on a scenic bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro is one of Milwaukee's best dining spots. They specialize in authentic French country bistro cooking and have a Sunday brunch that is to die for.

Weekend Getaway: The Copperleaf Hotel and Spa in Appleton is making a name for itself as an up and coming romantic destination. The furnishings and amenities invoke images of a luxurious residence, and the great service makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere. For something a bit simpler, we suggest the Life O'Riley Farm & Guesthouse in Boscobel. Sit back and enjoy old vinyl albums on the turntable, read from the many books on the shelves, or play a quiet board game. The charming old building set against a dramatic landscape is the perfect setting for a relaxed weekend with friends.

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