Wisconsin Wine Tours – Part One: The Northwoods & Driftless Regions

Wisconsin knows a thing or two when it comes to a good bottle of wine! You may be surprised to know that almost 800 acres of grapes are grown in Wisconsin to produce wines at some 51 wineries. These wineries are scattered across five distinct regions, each offering a unique culinary experience and plenty of stops for wine tasting. Let's focus in on the Northwoods and Driftless Regions.

The Northwoods Region

Wisconsin’s Northwoods are a beautiful setting for wine. Start with a stop to the Travel Green certified, Clover Meadow Winery in Bashaw Valley. They produce organic, playfully-named wines. Take “A Bite of Sin” with sips from their apple wine, or get “Down and Dirty” with their plum wine.

Made from local, cold hardy grapes, the River Bend Vineyard & Winery in Chippewa Falls produces a variety of wines ranging from dry to sweet. The eight-acre vineyard is just steps away from the tasting room! Wines available for purchase include Frontenac, LaCrescent, Marquette and Zinfandel.

The Driftless Region

According to the Wineries of Wisconsin, the Driftless Region is a “land of surprises”. Spared by the glaciers that shaped much of our state, the landscape is peppered with high plateaus, crystal clear rivers and deep green valleys.

We recommend a stop to the European-influenced Burr Oak Winery. They boast a wide variety of wines, from Marechal to Vignoles. Take a stroll through the on-site vineyards, see the three hundred-year-old burr oak or visit the wine production area to get a feel for Burr Oak’s process.

Most people know New Glarus for beer, but they are also home to the New Glarus Primrose Winery. Right in the middle of “Up Town”, the winery is perfectly situated for a little treat in between shopping excursions. Enjoy free tastings and even purchase wine bottles with personalized labels! Varieties include blush, white, rhubarb and cranberry.

Be sure to check back; next on our Wisconsin winery tour is a visit to the Fox Valley, Door County and Glacial Hills regions. In the meantime, be sure to order your free Wisconsin Winery Tour Book from the Wineries of Wisconsin. Cheers!

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