Wisconsin's Native American Hidden Gems

Drums pound, feet stomp and colors swirl. Wisconsin’s rich Native American culture is matched only by the beauty of its stunningly preserved tribal lands and waters.

Travel expert and journalist, Peter Greenberg, visited Wisconsin to explore the culture, land and heritage of our 11 Native American tribes. View the video and get a peek at the exciting landscapes he discovered and find out what he calls Wisconsin’s hidden gems.

Like what you see in the video? Explore these areas for yourself. Ride the Wolf River through a rafting trip in the Menominee Nation, May through September. This challenging sport requires good health, stamina and judgment, so be prepared. If you’re looking for beautiful sites without the rapids, set sail during the summer to explore natural caves on a sea kayaking adventure, or glide through the waters in a traditional Ojibwe canoe near the Apostle Islands on the Red Cliff Reservation.

If you’d rather stay on land, visit Frog Bay Tribal National Park, the first national park opened on Native American land. Explore the untouched beaches and forests that recently opened to the public for the first time.

To see more of Peter Greenberg’s visit to Wisconsin and to find other Native American hidden gems across the state, visit our YouTube channel.

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