Gearing Up For Wisconsin Winter Sports

Winter is almost here and for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s time to rejoice. Snowboarders, skiers and sledders alike know it’s all about exploring Wisconsin while enjoying the sport you love. Luckily, Travel Wisconsin has you covered.

Our maps and guides will help you navigate the state by region or activity. If you’re not sure where you’re headed, check out our travel planner. You can find, save and share travel ideas, make your own itinerary or just explore the recommendations of others. Have a particular destination in mind? Check out the surrounding accommodations, attractions, events and dining to make it a weekend getaway. If you’re still in need of locations, check out our directories to find the best ski hills, skating rinks and more.

So drag out that snowmobile and gas up the tank. Dig out those skis and wax them up…it’s time to gear up for the season.

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