Surfing in Sheboygan: The Malibu of the Midwest

If you’ve ever wished you could ride the waves without flying to Waikiki, look no further than the western shore of Lake Michigan. That’s right. Wisconsin surfing!

Sheboygan is actually home to the largest gathering of freshwater surfers in the world, the Dairyland Surf Classic. Why Sheboygan? Well, the city is home to 22 “breaks” (coastal terrain where waves break) along a 5-mile stretch of Lake Michigan. This makes for a challenge since freshwater is much less buoyant than saltwater and the waves, created by wind rather than ocean tides, vary in size and frequency.

The 2012 Dairyland Surf Classic kicks off August 31 in Deland Park. The event is truly a beach gathering, embracing the “Aloha Spirit” and notion of extended family – so bring along a chair or beach blanket, some snacks, and a drink. There will be live music, great raffles and more.

Ready to be a surfer Barney or Betty? Sheboygan’s peak surf season runs late August through early April (appealing to the polar bears among us). If you’re a newbie, we recommend taking advantage of warmer temps between now and September.

Hang ten, everyone!

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