Winter Sports Rule in Wisconsin

Symptom: When the snow hits the ground you itch for adventure.

Remedy: Bundle up and hit the slopes in Wisconsin.

Speed demons and adrenaline junkies, head to the Midwest (if you’re not there already). Wisconsin has enough outdoor adventure to keep you busy during the cold winter months. Grab your snowboard and head to Tyrol Basin to test out your Shaun White skills on their world-class half-pipe! For the gear-heads out there, tune up that snowmobile and hit one of Wisconsin’s many trails. Washburn County is a must-visit in winter. With over 250 miles of groomed trails it connects with other routes to make up the largest network of snowmobile trails in the Midwest.

Shred some powder at Tyrol Basin in Mt Horeb.

If you prefer the peace and quiet of the outdoors, shanty up on one of Wisconsin’s 1,500 lakes for some ice fishing. While you’re there, keep an eye to the skies for some eagle spotting! Wisconsin has the largest population of wintering eagles that are found near bodies of water during the winter months.

Explore the spaces and places you normally wouldn’t this winter. Of course before you do, be sure to check in our snow conditions report. Well, go on and get outdoors already!

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