Point to La Pointe Swim

July 29, 2017


Pointe to La Pointe

Pointe to La Pointe

The Friends of the Recreation Center is hosting a swim from Bayfield to Madeline Island. Participants will swim 2 miles along the path of the ice road, from the Washington Ave. beach in Bayfield to Griggs Point on Madeline Island. There is a race event for experienced open water swimmers, plus a community swim. Community swimmers will be required to have a wetsuit and arrange for their own personal escort boat, either kayak, rowboat or small vessel. Relay teams of 2-4 can swim in a loose relay format where they can switch in and out of the water from an escort boat. Entry details can be found on the Bayfield Rec Center website. The Friends are looking for volunteers to help out with the event. Kayakers and boaters are needed as escorts to swimmers. Sponsorships and pledges are welcome.

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Jul 29, 2017



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