Luxembourg American Cultural Center

"Roots and Leaves Immigration Museum" at the Cultural Center.  All exhibit panels, sculpture and furnishings were fabricated in Luxembourg and donated by the people and government of Luxembourg.
Pesche-Leider Luxembourg Garden at the Cultural Center
The Luxembourg American Family Tree Sculpture in the Cultural Center's "J. B. Krier Wellkomm Centre.  The Family Tree was sculpted in Luxembourg and a donation from the people and government of Luxembourg
Luxembourg American Cultural Center - Belgium, Wisconsin.  Featuring the "Roots and Leaves Museum" in the restored 1872 Mamer-Hansen stone barn - the last Luxembourgian stone barn in Wisconsin
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Information: 262-476-5086

Wed, Thur, Fri 10am–4pm. Sat (1st & 3rd of the month) 1pm–4pm. Closed on holidays. Open other times by appointment. Tour groups and school groups welcome!

The Luxembourg American Cultural Center welcomes visitors of any ethnic background and greets thousands of guests each year from throughout the United States, Luxembourg and beyond! The Cultural Center opened its doors in 2009 and is the only cultural center in the world celebrating the unique heritage and culture of Luxembourgers! The Cultural Center is in the New Luxembourg Development in Belgium, Wisconsin, because this region of Wisconsin is home to one of the largest populations of Luxembourg immigrants and their descendants in the USA. Other unique Luxembourgish ethnic sites abound in the Belgium, Wisconsin area. The Luxembourg American Cultural Center was built under the auspices of Luxembourg's Ministry of Culture and features the "Roots and Leaves Immigration Museum". The museum is housed in the Mamer-Hansen stone barn, the last Luxembourgian stone barn in Wisconsin, built in 1872 by Jacob Mamer, a Luxembourg immigrant to Port Washington. This stone barn is a masterpiece of preservation and, as a museum, depicts the history of Luxembourg, past and present, as well as Luxembourg immigration to America and the impact of Luxembourgers on the fabric of America. The Cultural Center is home to the J. B. Krier Wellkomm Centre which features the Luxembourg American Family Tree - an amazing sculpture created in Luxembourg. The Dooley-Wagner Research Center is another unique facet of the Luxembourg American Cultural Center. The Research Center is the largest research center for Luxembourg studies and genealogy outside of Luxembourg. It is a treasure trove of information and resources for historians, genealogists and researchers. Surrounding the Cultural Center's "Roots and Leaves Museum" are the stunning Pesche-Leider Luxembourg Garden, Adolph & Marie Ansay Courtyard and Schieren Conservancy. These gardens offer quiet serenity as well as additional history of Luxembourgers in America. The Cultural Center offers numerous special and traveling exhibits throughout the year. Its Gift Shop has many unique gifts for young and old. Come visit the Luxembourg American Cultural Center and experience one of America's most unique and welcoming ethnic groups! All are welcome to explore and learn more!
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