Discovery World

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This is the one science museum where the rule is “Please touch!” Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin on Milwaukee’s lakefront lets visitors explore the surface vessels that once ruled the Great Lakes, take a close look at the creatures that still call that water home, and explore the practical wonders of man-made creativity. For a look at the living exhibits, head down to the Aquatarium. The 40-by-40-ft. scale model of the Great Lakes on the main level gives you a chance to play nature by controlling the weather and seeing its effects on the Great Lakes. The Reiman Aquarium traces the route from the Great Lakes to the Caribbean. The trip starts with a floor-to-ceiling tank that displays some of the local fish that call Lake Michigan home. Move on and look down for a bird’s-eye view of the fish in the brackish St. Lawrence Seaway. A few yards away, look up for a completely different perspective as you continue through the Caribbean Reef. Don’t forget to stop at the touch tank. If the stingrays are feeling friendly, they might come tickle your fingers. No worries here—they've been de-armed—and they’re just as curious as the fish and other water creatures that inhabit this exhibit, which is populated by half saltwater and half freshwater critters. Your trip to Discovery World is sure to be a full-day trip—something most people won’t mind.

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