Pokegama Trail

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Information: 715-392-2773
Toll Free: 800-942-5313
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Mountain bikers can enjoy the beauty of the Superior Municipal Forest on the approximately 7 mile Pokegama Trail. The trail is maintained by the Cyclists of Gitchee Gummee Shores (COGGs) group. The Pokegama Trail is a “purpose built” mountain bike trail, meaning it was built to present a technically challenging four-mile ride. The tight and twisting single-track trail will constantly surprise you with sudden drops down to narrow foot-and-a-half wide boardwalks followed by short, steep climbs. Be sure to have your mud tires on because you’ll need them on the single-track.They’ll also be good on the roots and logs and for the soft sand on the northern part of the abandoned road. The single-track winds through beautiful stands of white pine, cedars and paper birch. Views of the bay are few, but are made more stunning by the shoreline stands of birch. It’s a shock when you pop out of the woods at the abandoned road and all your gear shifting and bike handling skills are no longer needed. You can choose to backtrack on the single-track to the trailhead or just cruise on the flat road.

  • Difficulty
    • Hard
  • Trail Length (miles)
    • 7

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